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My name is Rhea Foster and I am the proud owner of Domdar chows. When I was 8 yr's old I knocked on the door of a Chikoo Chow's Perm. Reg. and asked for a job, Jo Ann asked me what kind of job are you looking for, I proudly stated I could play with the puppies . Much to my delight the owner Jo Ann hired me, I think I played with the puppies for about two yrs. lol before she moved me up to training and getting puppies ready for show ring. From there I was able to make the jump to the real show ring. While I finished many dog to their Canadian Championship, but I am most proud of going Best Puppy In Specialty at the Maple Leaf Chow chow Specialty, and showing a young female Ch. Chikoo's Bluebeary to # 1 Chow Female in Canada for the year 2001. I loved showing yr round and working at the kennel during the summer, Once school was finished I took time off for college I met a boy, fell in love . My desire to have my own kennel and show my own chows was as strong as ever and with Jo being my mentor I am making my dream come true. 

Breeding Chow Chow's is a challenge we take very seriously. All our chow's come from American, Canadian and European champion bloodlines raised with children (my three sons, and 13 nephews and nieces) yes you read that right we have at any given time anywhere from 4 - 11 children helping me with cleaning, grooming (age apropiate of coarse) playing with puppies and learning the responsibility of animal care. The chow as a pet is our top priority. Whether the chow a Conformation Champion, Therapy Dog, or a top Obedience contender, they should still by nature be a loving and calm house pet devoted to children and tolerant of all sorts of things. 

Here at Domdar chows countless hours of work, research, genetic studies, expense, care and prayer have gone into each and every puppy born here to insure top quality. Only the very best are used for breeding, and each pet placed in a home which does not have an interest in showing and breeding are placed with a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract. We feel that the current over-population of our breed is a serious, sad, and unnecessary situation. Even if a dog is top quality -- remember the breeder needs to be experienced, and have the hours of devotion and knowledge necessary to guarantee a healthy, sweet tempered,and beautiful animal.  

Chow chow's are gentle, sensitive, intelligent, and loving dogs and companions. Because of  
these qualities, their popularity has increased rapidly over the past few years. With this growth has come a greater number of poorly bred chow puppy's that so not reflect the true temperament, sound attractive structure, intelligence and long lived health that one has the right to expect when purchasing a puppy.