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What are Chows temperaments like?

Chow chow's are gentle, sensitive, intelligent, and loving dogs and companions.

Are your dogs and puppies good with other animals and children?

When it comes to children and other animals socialization is always key. Here at Domdar Chows our Chows are raised with children (my two boys, and 13 nephews and nieces) yes you read that right we have at any given time anywhere from 4 - 11 children helping me with cleaning, grooming (age appropriate of coarse) playing with puppies and learning the responsibility of animal care. Along with taking each dog out for walks within the community to get them used to other animals and not just their own family here at our kennel.

How big will a Chow grow?

The Chow Chow is a medium-sized dog ranging in height from 17 to 20 inches and in weight from 50 pounds to 75 pounds (23 to 34 kilograms).

Do Chows shed?

Chows shed seasonally, not daily. Only twice a year they shed their coats.

Are Chows easy to train?

Chows are easy to train, we put lots of work into our puppies before they leave. With everything though staying committed is the key. Regular grooming and nail trimming at home as well as a groomer is a must and with practice at home will help them be a star client at their groomers. We always suggest that every new owners take at least one full obedience training program.

Male verse Female

I personally find no difference between male and female especially when the female is in a pet home and is spayed. If you already have a dog in our home we suggest you go with the opposite sex of your current pet. 

Are your dogs CKC registered?

All our chow's come from American, Canadian and European champion bloodlines, and every dog at our kennel is registered through the Canadian Kennel Club.

How can I register a puppy with a specific coat colouring?

In an up coming litter we can never 100% guarantee the colour you want will be available. Your best option is to make a deposit and we will make note of your wants and needs and have you put in line according. 

What is an accepted method of payment?

We accept payments through E-Transfer, certified cheque or cash. 

Would you fly the puppy to us?

Yes we will ship your puppy to where ever you are. Shipping arrangements are carefully planned, and we make every effort to ship puppy only on non-stop, non-transfer flights during safe weather. All the flight details will be discussed with you carefully as the time approaches.

How do I set up an appointment to meet the puppies?

We welcome visitors and would love to meet you. To set up a time just call us at (519) 587 -5171 or email us at info@domdarchows.com

What age can the puppies have visitors?

The puppies can first be seen at week 5. We will keep you updated with pictures and videos as they grow as well.

Are the parents on site?

Yes the parents are on site, you are always welcome to visit them before or after puppies arrive.

How soon can the puppies leave your kennel?

Puppies can leave  at 8 weeks of age, unless they are being shipped then 12 weeks unless other wise discussed in our shipping arrangements.

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N0A 1M0, Ohsweken, Ontario, Canada